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How PIMS Works

Pole Commissioning

PIMS incorporates state-of-the-art RFID tags specifically formulated to withstand the rigors of the wood pole manufacturing process.  New tags are either imbedded in poles prior to manufacturing, or easily and securely attached to existing poles within our client’s transmission network.  Once activated PIMS technology can function effectively in all types of climates.

Inspection and Maintenance Scheduling


Automation of inspections and maintenance begins through the GPS-enabled PIMS scheduler which allow clients to establish priority work levels for field work based on their own self-defined criteria (substation, circuit, GIS coordinates, etc.).  PIMS' Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drag and drop capability makes scheduling exceptionally user friendly. Schedule information is accessed remotely by field personnel allowing for rapid deployment to designated job sites. The result is a scheduling system that efficiently maximizes the movement of manpower across a customer's distribution network.

Pole Inspection and Maintenance

In the field the PIMS-enabled RFID "gun" allows both inspectors and maintenance personnel to rapidly collect all relevant information related to pole assets using a simple point-and-shoot process, operational regardless of weather conditions.  Asset-specific inspection information is captured and transmitted real time in both a data and visual image format for subsequent analysis and action.  Extensive pole inspection information, GIS coordinates, images, even repair alerts are all automatically downloaded real-time.

Maintenance issues triggered by an inspection are recognized immediately via PIMS and are transmitted directly to the PIMS maintenance module offering a built-in real-time alert capability and work scheduler. With direct knowledge of both the extent and location of repairs required, maintenance teams can deploy faster with the right equipment in-hand.

Pole De-Commissioning

Once a pole’s useful lifecycle has been reached and is scheduled for decommissioning, PIMS provides the means to accurately track its removal, eliminating any guesswork about its future location (e.g. storage, disposal or third-party sale).


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