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PIMS offers customers a wide-range of workflow process improvements that can result in both direct cost savings, improved resource deployment and improved ability to meet current and future government regulations.


  • Up to 45% time savings in pole inspection and maintenance based on independent, third-party studies.
  • Complete record of pole status and history to more efficiently meet government reporting requirements.
  • Faster recovery of lost revenue from disputes arising over joint use agreements with third-parties.
  • Improved management oversight/verification of pole inspectors actual vs. stated workload based on the indisputable real-time data capture associated with each inspection (date/time/personnel).
  • Ability to accurately capture and disseminate pole “event” data related to natural disasters for quicker response and revenue recovery.
  • Cradle to Cradle” recording of vendor-provided poles for purposes of meeting existing and pending regulatory requirements related to Extended Producer Responsibility.





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