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PIMS is the only pole inspection system utilizing RFID technology to accurately track each pole’s unique lifecycle from the manufacturing birth date through decommissioning. PIMS integrates a multitude of powerful, customizable technology solutions to fit a customer’s specific needs, ultilmately creating a pole inspection process that is more accurate while delivering significant labor cost savings through improved workflow processes.

Independent field research reveals PIMS can expedite pole inspection and workflow processes by as much as 45% compared to traditional processes employed by the utility industry.


PIMS offers an easy-to-use field application based on a simple "point and shoot" process.  Available wireless capability allows for real-time transmission of data and electronic images.

Learn how the City of Orangeburg, SC Electric Division uses PIMS to track and inspect field assets. Click below to learn more.


PIMS integrates seamlessly with existing GIS systems and collected data is housed either on customer servers or at the security-enabled PIMS Data Center.  Additionally, clients incorporating both PIMS and YardTrack enjoy the benefits of having all pole related assets tracked for inventory, inspection and maintenance purposes, thereby establishing a full lifecycle measurement system.

The robust management reporting capability of PIMS allows users immediate access to a broad range of inspection and maintenance-related performance measurements, and facilitates easier reporting to key third-party and government-related entities.




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