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Utilizing both fixed and wireless RFID-enabled access points, YardTrack allows users to track physical inventory at virtually any location on the yard. By aligning read zones with key steps in a customer’s business process, YardTrack provides a real-time assessment of the precise location of assets along with any other relevant information (e.g. historical movement of assets, assigned individuals, etc.). YardTrack is also easily configured to integrate with existing ERP systems.




  • Provides a real-time assessment of both yard inventory and field deployed assets.
  • Significantly improves the accuracy of inventory movement.
  • Speeds indentification and procurement of inventory assets on the yard.
  • Expedites workflow in the field making sure the right assets are delivered to the right location.
  • Reduces inventory shrinkage via security-enabled sensing of asset movement.
  • Substantially reduces inventory-related paperwork resulting in a more "green focused" business process.


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